Thursday, December 4, 2008

Innovation is Imperative

wouldn't you love to be one of those rotten little girls that abuse daddy's credit card on the regular with no concept of financial reality? well, somewhat, but not really – they suck. if you are like most people you know, times are rough with little relief in sight. i just heard on the news how these tough economic times are especially affecting women's health. i love how crazy these general studies are. kinda random, but they make me laugh.


new season = new clothes [this is somewhat critical due to the ever changing new england climate]

after paying vital expenses such as rent, bills, food, dog bones etc. – there is little money left for things you may desire…such as a new wardrobe.

fear not… this is actually a great time to be CREATIVE.

i generally dislike all of the "Must Haves" and "Look for Less" columns. i'm thinking that this "recession" is a great time to break out your own personal style. dig through that catastrophic closet of yours and re-evaluate what you already have. you may find several items you completely forgot existed. cut things up. sew stuff together. turn sweaters into dresses and dresses in to shirts. be like my friend Raquel… go to different places of nature for inspiration – crunchy style (you know I love you). Create, innovate, whatever – just do your own thing.

oh and of course.. tights are cheap and won't be the next trend out the window (cough cough leather leggings... )

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