Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lady Gaga... WOOF

I usually don't fall asleep until at least 2... I can be somewhat of an insomniac and considering that Ben and Nala pass out around 9 (Ben is like a grandpa, and Nala well - she's a dog) I am extremely bored at night. As I was flipping through the channels I came across Lady Gaga performing on Leno. You really just have to watch... woof

I understand that people have this fascination with "standing out" being a "trendsetter" trying "new things" but this is just FOUL. Nylons over your thong? Did you forget your ruffled polyester stretch skirt and ice skates with the boot covers? I mean, ice skaters are the only ones that still wear exposed flesh colored nylons, right? You have the number one song in the country, hire someone that can come up with something better than this! I just don't understand.

there are so many other issues in this video that i am not even willing to write about because it will take to long. i'll just leave it at: tights, keyboard break, jiving dance moves... everything.

(and the worst part is... she has the slouch crotch - where tights slide down in middle.. ladies you know what i'm talking about. yikes)


Sarah C. (my3hens) said...

LMAO Can we say spirit fingers and dude she should be seriously embarrassed by that crotch. Its worse then freakin camel toe. Okay maybe Im going to far but I have almost 4 kids and am so out of touch with fashion if I can see this is bad...its bad LOL

RUDY++ said...

Yo. I was watching that performance when it aired too.
I shared the exact same response you did.. woof. lol